Swedetown Trails Calumet, Michigan

The Swedetown Trails are operated by the Swedetown Trails Club in cooperation with Calumet Township.

Swedetown Trails Club
P.O. Box 214
Calumet, Michigan 49913
906-337-1170 (chalet phone)

Club Contacts

The Swedetown Trails Club develops and maintains the trails. Send questions and suggestions on Swedetown Ski and Snowshoe Trails, Swedetown Biking Trails or the Trails Club by email to info@swedetowntrails.org or contact any of our officers or board members.

STC By-Laws.Monthly Board Meetings are open to anyone interested. Upcoming meetings are December 13th, January 10 and February 14 at 7 p.m. in the Chalet. Our annual all-members meetings is Sunday, November 20th at 2 p.m. in the Chalet. Please join us for refreshments! We will overview recent trail improvements and give info about the new groomer, including Open House to check it out in the groomer garage near the Calumet water towers.

All donations will help replace our large trail groomer to ensure great grooming for the next 20 years!

Chalet Phone (in winter season) (906) 337-1170
Club Cell Phone Great Bear Chase (906) 369-2460
Cynthia MacDonald President 296-0886
Guy Goode Vice President 337-5581 gwgoode@gmail.com
Pat Todzydlowski Treasurer 337-0037
Barbara Flanagin Secretary 337-0141
Gail Neufeld Board Member, Summer Trails Coordinator
Pat Szubielak

Board Member, Groomer Liaison
Craig Hughes Board, Project Coord 281-1755 chughes@mtu.edu
Mark Jindrich Board, Chalet Coord 337-5650 newhouse@pasty.com
Cindy Harrison Board Member 482-4412
Roland McKinstry Board Member
Marc Norton Board Member
Larry Zurawski Board Member


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