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New for this season – some rerouting gives us a new trail, Pine Ridge Loop. This is an intermediate trail about 2 km in length, lighted for evening skiing. Pine Ridge Loop starts on Valley Trail, a hilly section climbs up to a ridge and then returns to Valley Trail with a long downhill.

Powderhouse Loop now starts on Valley Trail as well. It is remains the most advanced trail at Swedetown in terms of level of difficulty. This 4K trail now begins with the roller coaster section of former Pine Loop, then continues past the historic powderhouse for which the trail is named.

There is also Tiger Loop, a very short loop starting near the Chalet. See mini-map of trail changes on the cover page of our current newsletter. The full map, updated with these new trails, can be found on the Maps Page.

Outdoor recreation to stay active is more important than ever, see on Page 2 – “Skiing through a Pandemic”

Newsletter: Swedetown Trails Club Happenings Winter 2020.

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